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The library had the cookbook I was interested in, so I am now 12th in line on the waiting list for it. Useful to preview cookbooks before buying and make sure they aren't full of eggy cheesy recipes.

In contrast to yesterday's race to check things off the to-do list, today I will focus on larger projects that I don't actually expect to complete. I have one paper to write and one to read and edit. I will alternate between them. I might get the editing done today, but it's ok if I don't.
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I seem to be having an inertia problem today. I'm not sure whether the underlying issue is energy levels or motivation or whether those are actually two parts of the same metaphorical elephant.

So, y'all, what do you do when you feel kind of schlumpy and you're not really interested in doing anything? Maybe I could take a short walk? Maybe I could challenge myself with a goal of checking a certain number of things off of my to-do list? Maybe I could bribe myself with a promise of a future treat if I buckle down and get things done? Maybe I should declare a 'just do it' day where the paradigm is to start with the most important/urgent item and just continue to make forward progress, no matter how slow the pace and regardless of whether I actually "feel like" working on the thing or not. ('Just do it' day sounds like a dreadful slog, but it usually turns out that once I slowly, reluctantly get going on things I end up getting engaged and interested and it becomes quite productive.)
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Tomorrow is a holiday here and I'm looking forward to my long weekend. But first, there are things on deadline that need to be done. So, an accountability post. I have three things that really, absolutely need to be done today. Fortunately, they're all small to medium. I have four other things that I would like to get done. Only two of these items should take longer than half an hour so I think it should be reasonable to get them all done.

Goal for the day: top 7 items on the to-do list.
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It's 11 am and I've already had a conference call and a meeting. I feel like I've used up my supply of 'responsible' for the day. The mating dance of the oak trees, and what that does to my eyes and nose, is probably a contributing factor in this.

Ok, self, I challenge you to check off at least three things on the to-do list today. Three should be easy. For extra bonus feel good productivity points, see if you can hit six things.
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Two days of above average productivity followed by two days of below average productivity. The less productive days started with distraction and procrastination but were saved by a mid-afternoon spurt of buckling down and getting a few things done in a (successful) attempt to make sure the whole day wasn't wasted. Hoping for one of the above average days to finish out the work week.
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Conference call #2 of the day actually happened. And lasted < 20 minutes.
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This morning at work, I wrote down a to-do list of seven things on a small piece of paper. Two of the items were small tasks and the others were medium-sized. My goal was to cross them all off and throw the paper away before I left at the end of the day. Despite the fact that my afternoon meeting went for THREE HOURS, I just crossed off #7 and I'm on my way home. There are still many too many things on the grand to-do list, but I think having finished a reasonably sized list for the day will allow me to go home with a feeling of accomplishment and leave the looming guilt of the larger list behind for the evening.
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At work today, I took care of several of the things I had been procrastinating on for more than a week. They weren't so bad after all.
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It was gray and cold this morning and I think I'm getting hit by cedar allergies. But it might just be a good day anyway. The antihistamine has kicked in and has greatly reduced the sneezing and sniffling and there are hints of sun outside my window. I just verified that I did have an error in the data I was analyzing last night but a quick run-through with the corrected data demonstrates that it didn't affect the first stage of results. This is great because the second stage of analyses that builds on those first results takes hours and would've been a pain to re-run. And this afternoon I'm exchanging the last of my holiday presents with a friend who had been out of town. Presents, both giving and receiving, generally brighten up a day.


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