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Paperwhites: After a few days in the laundry room there didn't appear to be any change in them at all. I was afraid it was too cold there, so they are now residing under the kitchen sink. Still no visible growth just over a week after planting, but I will bide and see. I fear that having been kept for a year they may be past their prime.

Project Dining Room: We went with the pretty glass table. It's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow! In anticipation, I have procured a tablecloth of the appropriate size and I have a very cool table runner on order. Also a pine centerpiece should arrive in the next couple of days. I'm hoping it will smell like the Christmas trees of my youth.

Project Spice Organization: I did make mole to celebrate having reorganized the spices and herbs. It used seven different jars of components. Not bad, but I might be able to find an Indian recipe that uses a couple more.

Other House Projects: We've acquired and deployed a plethora of little tables - a pair of end tables to hold snacks near the TV seating area, a plant stand for the sun room, and a small table for use near the main sofa. Now I'm working on trying to find a comforter that will plausibly go with the lovely red flannel sheets I found on sale. Plain white looks sort of sterile and plain black seems a tad bordello. Hoping to find a black/white pattern that appeals. And I'm starting to think about a table for the front hall.

Travel: Since this topic was last mentioned here, six weeks ago, I have been to San Diego, Baltimore, Rochester, and Portland. Baltimore and Portland were quick in-and-out trips, one a project meeting and one a seminar visit. Rochester was actual non-work travel for Thanksgiving and was lovely, with many people to see and a visit to the Strong Museum of Play. San Diego was a very productive conference.
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As mentioned on facebook, we're working on acquiring a dining room table. We currently have two favorites. One is easily within our style range and would definitely fit in the room and seat the number of people we want it to. It's perfectly acceptable and a safe choice. The second has wow factor. It's a bolder and riskier choice and we'd have to work a bit to tie it in with the room and it'd be a squeeze if we ever had a big crowd to dinner. But it's gorgeous and we both love it. A secondary consideration is the surrounding, matching pieces. We don't care for the accessory pieces for the safer choice and wouldn't get them. The riskier choice has this very cool low sideboard type thing. It's not ideal for storage but it looks neat with three low niches along the top and some sliding doors below. Then we read the tag. Technically it's a media center, which explains the three low niches. But it'd make a cool side piece with a tray of drinks or desserts on top of it and storage of china below.

Our taste is relatively sleek and modern. But in wandering around we've also passed by quite a few massive carven tables of Baronial splendor that would clearly need some nice thick tapestries on the walls surrounding them. We are agreed that they would be invaluable as barricades in case of a zombie attack. Alas, our favorite choice, the risky one, has a glass top and would be useless against zombies.

Decisions, decisions. Current strategy is to take a couple days and think it over.
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Who knew the thermostat has batteries in it?!? I have been without AC since last night and put in a repair call this morning. They were swamped today and told me they couldn't get here until after 5pm. Loki and I suffered through the 100+ degree heat hunkered down under the ceiling fans. Fortunately (sort of), the repair folks were hours late and around 8pm I got desperate enough to fiddle with the thing and figure this out for myself. I would have felt kinda foolish paying them $89.50 to tell me to replace the batteries. (Although I would have been grateful they weren't charging me thousands and telling me to replace the AC unit itself.)

There's supposed to be a low battery indicator, and I think that's what the thermostat was trying to tell me when it started flashing alien symbols last night. But large chunks of each of the letters were missing on the display and I couldn't read it. As I was about to give up on the repair guys, I went forlornly to have another look at the thermostat. And, lo! It had stopped flashing and was clearly stating 'lo batry'. Whoah! It has a battery? Where? Aha! There. And does replacing the battery make the AC go? Yes! Hooray!

Felt bad about calling the repair folks to cancel just after having called to confirm they were still coming even though it was getting late.


Aug. 27th, 2008 11:38 pm
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After four months of wrestling with various complications, tonight we managed to put up the hanging bookshelves in the living room! We broke a drill bit in the process, but the shelves are up. And they look great. I think they'll look even better with books on them, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.


Aug. 2nd, 2008 04:53 pm
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I fixed a house thingy today! It's a small thing, but one we'd been wanting to take care of from almost the beginning. I am very pleased with myself. I won't say what it is in the hopes that I can surprise [livejournal.com profile] creed_of_hubris with it when he returns home on Friday. (But he'll probably guess.)

I also acquired new wood screws in preparation for yet another assault on the bookshelf project. They're the same diameter as the sheet metal screws the shelf store gave us that wouldn't go all the way into the wall, but slightly shorter. I'm hoping that either having the correct screw type or having them slightly shorter will fix that problem. (The brief version of the story for those who haven't heard it: We've been working on a set of hanging bookshelves since April with one problem after another - shelves on backorder; having to reconfigure the track from which the shelves hang due to the wall turning out to be only plywood over studs; not being able to put up the new tracks due to screws that turn out to be too long given the absence of drywall behind the plywood.)
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Replaced the filter in the air conditioner. It hadn't been changed since we moved in five months ago, so it was way overdue. I also vacuumed the intake vents and even unscrewed one vent to be able to clean a bit inside. I'm hoping this will help counter the unusual streak of stuffiness and allergy symptoms I've been having lately.
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We unpacked everything except the books-and-files boxes weeks ago and there were three items missing - a bucket of cleaning supplies that I had set aside to use to spruce up the apartment before returning the keys (which wasn't supposed to have been packed at all), a pair of beautiful glass Czech candle sticks that we got as a wedding present, and the bottom of my french press that I use for tea (only the bottom, mysteriously the top was present and accounted for). That's an awfully odd assortment of items to be missing.

Two nights ago, [livejournal.com profile] creed_of_hubris was moving a box marked 'files' and commented that it was very light for what it was supposed to contain. We opened it up and there, alongside a handful of files, were the bucket, the candlesticks, and the bottom of my french press. ? I'm glad we found them, but I don't understand at all. These items are not thematically alike, so it's hard to see why movers might think they belonged together. They weren't near each other in the apartment either. The bucket was in the bathroom, the files in the bedroom, the candlesticks in the living room, and the french press in the kitchen. And they weren't the last items packed so it wasn't just what was left over. (The movers took two days to pack and the bucket that I had carefully hidden in the tub behind the shower curtain disappeared on the first day.) Very mysterious. But I am glad they are found. Now I can make tea with loose leaves (instead of tea bags) again.
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Still no washer and dryer.

But strawberry lemonade? From scratch? With real strawberries? Is mighty tasty. Strawberries are in the top ten on the list of fruits and vegetables for which pesticide contamination is likely to be a problem. So I only buy them when I can get organic and they had some last weekend, but they were going bad before I could eat them all. Thus, my first batch of from-scratch strawberry lemonade. Tasty. Also very vividly red-pink for something with no artificial ingredients. It's almost kool-aid colored.
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[livejournal.com profile] creed_of_hubris says they have set up a ramp from our 2nd floor balcony down to their moving truck and that they are setting boxes on it and sliding them down the ramp to a guy waiting in the truck.


Ok, this is fine for the 30+ boxes of books. But my grandmother's china!!! We took my heirloom ceramics and some of the other delicate items over to the house ourselves over the weekend. But I decided to leave the china for the pros.


Ok, he says they've promised to walk the china boxes down by hand and not send them on the ramp. Apparently they found the request eccentric but are willing to humor me.
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The movers are at the apartment right this very minute now. I am hiding at work because the idea of watching them pack up all of our stuff makes me nuts. [livejournal.com profile] creed_of_hubris is giving me updates via iChat and he'll call me when they're almost done so I can come pick him up to go over to the house for the unloading part of the operation.




More scary than exciting at this point. But if all goes as planned, tonight will be our first night sleeping in the new house. So ask me again tomorrow about the scary/exciting balance.

I think the bird, currently enjoying an unusually high perch atop a stack of boxes, is taking the disruption of the move better than I am.


Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:38 am
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[livejournal.com profile] creed_of_hubris and I appear to own a house! The realtors gave us the keys this morning. Wild. I still don't quite believe it. We've got some heavy travel coming up in the next few weeks so we won't actually be moving in until the last week of February. But it's ours. And when we went over there tonight to sit in it and take it all in, no one came and demanded to know what we were doing there.
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We don't get all the furniture we wanted - we get the flatscreen TV currently bolted to the bedroom wall but not the chaise, the really cool four foot tall art lamp but not the large area rugs - but we have a deal. It's a verbal agreement at the moment, but we expect to have the owner's signature tomorrow.
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[livejournal.com profile] creed_of_hubris and I made an offer on a house yesterday. Today we got a counter-offer, one that was just below our actual target price for where we had thought the negotiations would end, and word that another couple were scheduled to be making a second visit to the house, preparatory to their own offer, tomorrow. We have just told our agent that we'd pay the price on the counter-offer provided the owner threw in some furnishings we like. Now we wait.


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