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I was lucky enough to put a library hold on Neil Gaiman's new Fortunately the Milk in the brief window after it had entered the library system but before it was available for check out. So I got one of the first copies. C came in as I was starting to read it, so I began reading aloud to her. And she listened. She listened through all 128 pages of it. In one sitting. I guess we can start chapter books now. Maybe Alice in Wonderland next?

Anyway, after a couple more reads over the course of the fortnight (good thing I enjoy that book), I was telling her that it had to go back to the library and we couldn't renew it because someone else had a hold on it. "You know," I said. "The one with the milk. And the dinosaur. In the balloon."

"Floaty-ball-person-carrier," she corrected me.

:) Win. I guess she was listening. Half a day after that conversation she told me she was sad that we had to give the milk book back to the library and couldn't renew it. I have offered to procure a copy just for us.

(Suggestions for other whimsical books of about that length welcome, please. But note that C does not like books with too much narrative tension. Bad Guys who are actually threatening are not fun for her. Bad Guys who are silly are ok.)
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C was very excited about going to visit Mommy & Daddy's school. She had her suitcase packed for Alumni Weekend weeks ahead of time. So she was very disappointed when we explained that the airplane had a boo-boo and we wouldn't be going after all. (Long story, shortest version is multiple canceled planes, last one with busted hydraulics, with the result of ~24 hours in Philly if we'd actually gone.) But she took it like a trooper. She said that she should've brought her box of Dora bandaids so she could give the airplane a bandaid so that it would feel better. She says that next year she will bring her bandaids.
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C has trouble pronouncing words that begin with 's' followed by a consonant. It is charming. I never correct her and savor these lingering signs of babyhood while I can.

She likes to join me while I am dressing and often declares that she is 'tinky' and demands my deodorant, which she quite properly sticks in the neck hole of her shirt, under each arm. In the last month or so she has figured out that the deodorant has a cover and now takes this off where before she would insert the lidded stick into her shirt.

She has just started getting better about letting us brush her teeth. Part of the bargain now is that I must hold her up to 'pit' into the sink after the brushing. She is not yet very effective at 'pitting', but I figure that will come.

We have gotten her a step stool so that she can reach the sink in 'her' bathroom. There is much hand washing of late. Messy, messy, wet, watery hand washing. She is having a grand time.

At the playground, there are two possessions of other kids that she consistently points at and asks "I try that" - soccer balls and scooters. We got her a soccer ball last week so that she can bring her own to the playground. F says that her initial attempts with it were like an old video game - she would be pointed not quite at it and her kick would miss it entirely. But he says that she caught on quite quickly. As to the other (shhhh - don't tell!), Santa has her covered. I am very excited/curious to see her reaction.

We are off in a couple days for the annual tour of the grandparents. Both locations have (or are predicted to be about to have) recent snow. So perhaps C will have the opportunity to sled or make snowpeople.

Happy holidays, everyone!
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peanut butter

Pie and cake are always said together. We started to wonder what this mythical pie-cake could be. We speculate that it is the turducken of the dessert world.

In other adorableness, we have taught C how to play hide-and-go-seek. She needs some help counting when she's 'it' or hiding when she's not, but she enjoys it very much. So now we get occasional outbursts of "Hide! Two, three, nine!"
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For a while now, C has pointed at every stroller we pass, excitedly exclaiming "Baby!" So we are probably somewhat overdue in having gotten her her first baby doll. She has a collection of stuffed animals and one plush dolly with a rattle inside, but didn't have a realistic human doll until today.

Her excited grin when she first held it made my heart melt. I hope I remember that smile always. Just like any new mommy, C first inventoried her baby doll's body parts, pointing at and naming mouth, nose, eyes, toes, and hand. She marveled at how the doll's eyes open and close. She brushed baby's hair. She went and got a diaper for baby.

The cute, it burns.
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Yesterday I was introduced to the phenomenon of 'planking'. Hee.

Also new this week, C appears to like homemade Indian food. She shoveled in her rice and dal and potato/eggplant curry with gusto. In general, she is an enthusiastic and, so far, non-picky eater. The only thing she hasn't seemed to enjoy is broccoli, but she still ate it even while grimacing. We've also had some misses with macaroni and peas, but I think the problem there was that they were small and slippery and she had trouble gumming them effectively without choking on them.
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C's first solid food, last weekend, was avocado. She was very excited to have it and seemed to really enjoy grabbing her chunk of avocado and squishing it and smearing it around. By the second day she was getting some of it into her mouth, but that resulted in somewhat comical faces and pushing it back out with her tongue. Sweet potato got about the same result, so I don't think it's just a dislike of avocado. She's definitely interested in the food, but not yet a fan of actually eating it. Perhaps we'll try banana next.

Any cute or funny first food stories from the parents here?
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I can hardly believe C is a month old already. She's perfect. She's beautiful. I'm in love.

(Sure, I could use more sleep. But that doesn't change the perfection, the beauty, & the love. :)


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