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I was lucky enough to put a library hold on Neil Gaiman's new Fortunately the Milk in the brief window after it had entered the library system but before it was available for check out. So I got one of the first copies. C came in as I was starting to read it, so I began reading aloud to her. And she listened. She listened through all 128 pages of it. In one sitting. I guess we can start chapter books now. Maybe Alice in Wonderland next?

Anyway, after a couple more reads over the course of the fortnight (good thing I enjoy that book), I was telling her that it had to go back to the library and we couldn't renew it because someone else had a hold on it. "You know," I said. "The one with the milk. And the dinosaur. In the balloon."

"Floaty-ball-person-carrier," she corrected me.

:) Win. I guess she was listening. Half a day after that conversation she told me she was sad that we had to give the milk book back to the library and couldn't renew it. I have offered to procure a copy just for us.

(Suggestions for other whimsical books of about that length welcome, please. But note that C does not like books with too much narrative tension. Bad Guys who are actually threatening are not fun for her. Bad Guys who are silly are ok.)

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Date: 2013-11-20 04:39 am (UTC)
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The My Father's Dragon trilogy was a childhood favorite for both me and my sister. The Oz books are probably slightly too-long and slightly too-dramatic for now, but no more so than Alice, I don't think.


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