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C has trouble pronouncing words that begin with 's' followed by a consonant. It is charming. I never correct her and savor these lingering signs of babyhood while I can.

She likes to join me while I am dressing and often declares that she is 'tinky' and demands my deodorant, which she quite properly sticks in the neck hole of her shirt, under each arm. In the last month or so she has figured out that the deodorant has a cover and now takes this off where before she would insert the lidded stick into her shirt.

She has just started getting better about letting us brush her teeth. Part of the bargain now is that I must hold her up to 'pit' into the sink after the brushing. She is not yet very effective at 'pitting', but I figure that will come.

We have gotten her a step stool so that she can reach the sink in 'her' bathroom. There is much hand washing of late. Messy, messy, wet, watery hand washing. She is having a grand time.

At the playground, there are two possessions of other kids that she consistently points at and asks "I try that" - soccer balls and scooters. We got her a soccer ball last week so that she can bring her own to the playground. F says that her initial attempts with it were like an old video game - she would be pointed not quite at it and her kick would miss it entirely. But he says that she caught on quite quickly. As to the other (shhhh - don't tell!), Santa has her covered. I am very excited/curious to see her reaction.

We are off in a couple days for the annual tour of the grandparents. Both locations have (or are predicted to be about to have) recent snow. So perhaps C will have the opportunity to sled or make snowpeople.

Happy holidays, everyone!
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